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SMG have always specialised in brickwork and repointing but in the last few years we have branched in to Concrete Repairs, it was a common problem we were seeing more and more of, especially with older buildings located near the coast.

From the photographs you can see, it can be something as small as a window sill to the extensive work we did at the Grand Ocean in Saltdean.

As water and salt penetrates the concrete and freezes it causes the embedded reinforcing steel too rust, as a result of the rusting process the steel expands and causes the concrete to blow, this is often seen on lintels and sills. This situation can be dangerous when left long enough, since pieces of concrete can fall to the ground.

We carefully gun out around existing rebars and cart away the debris, then we mechanically wire brush the metal work and treat with a zinc rich primer then we apply a bonding primer and let that dry before applying a concrete repair compound and finish to a smooth flat finish.

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